5 Warning Signs That Your Relationship is headed For Trouble

Relationships can be extremely tough; one day you spend cocooned in your perfect love, the next day you spend struggling to keep it together. The initial phase of a relationship is bound to be hard, but if a few years down the line you still seem to think "should it be really this hard". that's when the first warning bell rings. Here are 5 warning signs that your relationship is on the rocks.

Lot of Fighting

Lately, all you seem to do is fight; there are no talks or fun laughter anymore. You are either screaming bloody murder at each other or fuming in silence. Don't worry, not all is lost. Arguing is good; it means you are airing your differences and letting it out. It's only when the arguing becomes too much that you needs to be worried.

Sex Is Close To Non-Existent

This is the most common sign. All couple goes through a "dry patch" in their relationship; it is normal. However, when this phase drags on for too long, that's when the real problem starts. The things or sights that used to turn them on once, has no effect whatsoever now. Small expressions of affections like holding hands, kissing goodbye or snuggling up together has slowly petered out. Chances might be that he/she is dealing with some deep rooted issues, or simply lost interest in the relationship. Whatever it is, it's time you talk about it.

Indifferent To Each Other

The effort you used to put into the relationship has slowly faded away. No longer do you spend quality time together, revel in the small gestures of love, or talk to each other. You both lead two different lives with the other person having no clue as to what is going in your life. Even if you get a chance to be at home, you rather prefer staying in different rooms, away from each other.

Feeling Loneliness

This is by far the worst and most obvious sign you will witness. The feelings can manifest in number of ways. Do you often feel that you are the only one putting in the effort to keep the relationship going, whereas your spouse just doesn't care? You want to have an open talk about all the things that is bothering you, but your efforts are only met with indifference. This is a definite sign that your relationship has taken a turn for the worse.

Your Partner Turns into a Green Monster

We all want to be close to our partners, but not to the level that it becomes suffocating. Jealousy can ruin even the best of relationships. If you constantly find yourself changing your behavior just so you could put your partner's unfound fear and jealousy to rest, then something is seriously wrong with your relationship. Being possessive of each other to an extent is natural even healthy, but trouble starts when it turns into a full fledge green eyed monster.

With marriage counseling it is possible to restore harmony back into your relationship.
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