Merchandise in a College Bookstore

For students, faculty, and alumni, shopping in a college bookstore can yield some cool merchandise. That's right; there's a lot more than just paper, textbooks, and Scantrons on the bookstore shelves. There are souvenirs, housewares, and apparel for fun and to show school spirit. Not only are there bargains on goods not found anywhere else, purchasing wares on campus supports the school.
If you want to purchase souvenirs to remember your years attending a certain school or to give to someone who wants to attend eventually, there's some interesting merchandise on the shelves. You can find decals for your vehicles, refrigerator magnets, stuffed animals wearing the school colors and logo, pins, laundry bags, lunch totes, and more. No matter who you're purchasing a souvenir for, you'll find the right items on the bookstore shelves. There are even CDs with the school fight song and music played by the band and orchestra.
What merchandise do you need for your home or office to remind you of your alma mater? The bookstore has coffee mugs, water bottles, shot glasses, beer mugs, platters, and plates for eating and drinking fun. There are also posters to hang on your walls, pillows to prop on your bed, doorknockers to attach to your front door, and coasters to set your drinks down on. When you're proud of your school, adding decorating accessories to your home, office, or dorm room can demonstrate your spirit.
Tee-shirts, polo shirts, and jerseys are available in the school colors, adorned with the logo, mascot, and more. How about ball caps or sun visors? You can find all of these garments at the store known for selling books and notebooks. There are also earrings, sunglasses, Croakies, and necklaces available for purchase. When it comes time for graduation, most bookstores carry the caps and gowns for sale and rent.
Of course, the bookstore will also sell textbooks. There are all the required texts for every class you need to take, from English 101 to College Algebra. New textbooks are available as well as used books. At the end of the semester, you can often sell your copy back to the bookstore for a portion of its original cost. These days, many stores allow students to rent their textbooks for a semester and turn them in after finals week.
There is plenty of merchandise available at your college's bookstore. Among other items, there are souvenirs, housewares, apparel, and books. You can also pick up convenience items such as pencils, pens, candy bars, aspirin, and sodas. This is a handy shop to have on campus that is easily accessible and stocked with variety.

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