Albania - An Escape From The Normal Tourist Destinations

Many of the popular vacation destinations are bogged down by tourism. Sure they may offer beautiful scenery and an escape from the comforts of home, but many of these areas begin to lose their cultural significance as they become more popular for tourists to visit. If you would like to visit a location that continues to hold its traditional value, you may want to consider taking a trip to Albania. This area is rich with historical and cultural value. However, make sure that you get your online U.S. passport now if you haven't gotten it already.
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Albania is naturally beautiful, and it's renowned for its biological diversity. It's home to some of the most endangered species in the world, including the Mediterranean Monk Seal and the Dalmatian Pelican. The country borders both the Ionian Sea and the Adraitic Sea, creating miles upon miles of coastline to soak up the sun, go swimming, or see some of the beautiful underwater landscapes and its inhabitants by diving. Their are mountains for hiking and beautiful fields for picnics. Whatever sort of natural experience you want to have, you can do it in Albania.
Albania is full of many different archaeological sites for you to visit. Phoinike, Lissos, and Oricum are all places worth seeing on your trip. Phoinike existed long ago under the Epirus Kingdom. It was a very prosperous city for ten centuries and was even where the Macedonian War officially ended. Lissos was once occupied by Caesar and is a mountain top location overlooking a beautiful river. Oricum, also a city that thrived, has its own amphitheater that was used for entertainment. Regardless of where you go, you will not be able to help but appreciate the historical significance of almost every area you come across.
In terms of archeological sites, you may want to take a stop by the once wealthy city Phoinike which was under the Epirus Kingdom. The Macedonian War officially ended here when a treaty was signed. Also, Lissos is another amazing place to visit because it is atop a mountain over looking a river. It is so amazing that Cesar even decided to occupy it. Oricum is yet another archaeological site that used to be a thriving city that even had its very own amphitheater. All in all, there are so many unique places to visit you may become overwhelmed.


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